Unstable packet loss

Is anyone else having unstable packet loss or just me? My internet is fine, and i never have connection problems in any game besides halo. Is there a fix for this because this is been happening since mid December. Every time i play and every single match i get the unstable packet loss. Just wonder if anylne has a fix yet, im on XSX if youre wondering.

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Its probably the servers not your internet.
I had packet loss yesterday also.
The state of the game is really bad now. Its almost unplayable, especiallt if you dont have 3 friends to play with then you will end up playing against americans.

I see i see but the thing is i live in America, so it probably is the servers.

Most likely the servers, I’ve been having the same issue since day one launch.

the big problem is the FPS differnce its causing problems with cross play with the reg is my biggest problem and I have fiber usually have 10-20 ping and I feel the game is very inconsistent the servers are killing the game they need to be addressed sooner then later and I dont think it will happen right now

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