Unsportsmanlike Conduct [CHEATING / HACKING] in Matchmaking

Want to discuss a bit of a rampant issue that is currently circling around the early-release BETA. This thread is in-regards to Halo Infinite cheaters / hackers in matchmaking!

Disclaimer: First want to address that I’m not one to warrant these types of excuses in-regards to gameplay, however there has been proven cases across the community about cheating / hacking in matchmaking.

All I want is to create a platform for players awareness around cheating / hacking breaches.

  • 343 Industries are currently aware of the issue & currently investigating reports.
  • The aforementioned anti-cheating system is not yet implement in Halo Infinite.
  • The anti-cheat system will not be infiltrative or be in breach users privacy.

For anyone who has experienced any suspicious behaviour, practices or conduct from other users in-regards to multiplayer, please don’t hesitate to report on @HaloSupport. For proper enforcement & swift action to occur it requires the community to do their part. Let us work toward a more fair matchmaking experience, and shame to those few who are being unsportsmanlike.

Name & Shame (list of known cheaters / hackers)

Yes, I get reporting them through the proper channels, but what good does it really do? The game is free, they’ll just create a new account and do it again.

We don’t allow the calling out of users here for a variety of reasons including that it leads to witch hunts, harassment, and false accusations. If someone is engaging in misconduct record the behavior and report it via the support site or the xbox live reporting system.