Unsporting behavior ban, or cacamamie nonsense?

I just got a quick ban for “unsporting behavior”. I don’t really see how? I was just in a btb where the other team was clearly organized and they quickly won. I was skulking around their base when the match ended. That doesn’t mean I wasn’t participating. I’ve made big, fun, plays doing that kind of stuff. The operative word being “fun”, which is why I play.

…anyway, this feels like some kind of cacamamie automated nonsense thing that hasn’t yet been refined and isn’t actually ready to be utilized as a broad enforcement tool. Perhaps consider adding “(beta)” as a prefix or suffix to the message you present to your players.


Did you not attack any enemies? That can give you a ban apparently.


Nope. The match ended very quickly by way of score. Public group of 8 vs. private group of 8, I’m guessing.

Wtf, are you serious? Well it’s 343, shouldn’t be surprised at all.