UNSpartan Corps - Now Recruiting

Hello my name is Penguin Winter and I’m a Sergeant for the United Nations Spartan Corps Here at United Nations SC we like to have fun, we enjoy a game or two and work to build a strong community of strong gamers, both with and without a weapon. Right now we are actively looking for new members so if you’re looking to join we’re definitely open to seeing what you’ve got to offer. Below you’ll find everything you’ll need to join our clan.


before doing any of this you’ll want to copy this link (you’ll find it at the top of your browser

1. Go to our website and register by agreeing to the terms and conditions page (just your standard, we expect you to treat other members with dignity)

2. Complete the Enlistment Formto register (seriously short just name, password and confirm your password)

3. Go to our main page (transmission wing) and then to the enlistment office. From there just answer the questions to apply to the clan and you’ll be set.
while filling the form out paste this link in "where did you hear about us?"

4. Once you post the enlistment form questions you’ll be personally contacted by one of the leaders of the clan and you’ll find out if you’ll make the cut and are ready to do boot camp.


So this is what we’ll expect of anyone who wants to sign up, after all, without certain things required the clan just wouldn’t have the same level of community. So here’s what you must:

  • You must be 15 years or older
  • You must have a working mic or headset
  • You must act mature and treat others in our clan with respect, both on and off xbox


  • Noble, Defiant and/or anniversary map packs but we won’t hold it against you if you don’t have them.


Once you become a member this is what we’ll expect from you as far as your emblem goes

~ Mombasa with White Shield background— Non-Toggled
~ Emblem color cannot create a distortion of the emblem (so no black or white on the emblem)
*** We still want you to distinguish yourself so your emblem background can be almost any color, and your armor color can be whatever you want***

  • Hope to see you join us, United Nations Spartan Corps.