Unsolved Mysteries

There is quite a few unsolved mysteries out in the Halo Universe that has many fans wondering if they will ever be answered or explained more in depth. Some of the mysteries is only a few down below;

  • Admiral Cole’s current status/location - Anomalies in Deep Space as told in HoT - Grey Team’s current status/location - Spirit of Fire’s current status/location - San 'shyuum status after Halo 3 - Iso-Didact current status - Mysterious ship that crashed on Halo - Etc.My question is what mystery intrigues you the most and what theory has played in your mind of what is going to happen or what you would like to see if the marry is answered.

My choice is kind of out of left field because not many people have thought about it. My mystery is why did the Covenant bother in sending ground forces to over whelm the security forces at the mining facility on Unearthed. From the looks of it, it held no significant strategic advantage, and I don’t believe the Covenant needs titanium as resources.

My explanation/theory is that there was a Forerunner artifact in the ground, hence the name of the map, Unearthed. This artifact was an amplifier, in which if used would amplify any resource’s strength, energy weapon/shield, engines etc. Which would make something 20x as strong or powerful to whatever it was connected to or nearby. So the long term effects was that it made the nearby titanium deposits stronger which they used to help build the Infinity, but it also made it harder to mine bc they couldn’t use explosives which would be bigger then usual bc of the artifact.

I was actually going (might still) to write a fan fiction of this with the main character being a retired Spartan I, that’s a demolition expert that works for BXR now and when the Covenant comes himself, facility security and a squad or two of ODST that drop in are task with the infiltration, perfection or destruction of the artifact.

What mystery out in the Halo Universe you want answered and what theories you have on it?

All the ones you have listed. Personally i would like to know who the “Prisoner” was who visited the Ussans in Broken Circle as well as the species Crecka is attacked by in the system of Miasmic Giants.

I actually had an idea about finding Cole in my post here: Preston Cole in the Post-War Era

  • Admiral Cole’s current status/location**-Dead but most likely on some new world farming.**

  • Anomalies in Deep Space as told in HoT**-Innies or the Guardians.**

  • Grey Team’s current status/location

> In 2551, Gray Team was deployed on a mission against a Covenant facility within humanity’s former territory and were deemed too inaccessible to be recalled to Reach.[20] They were not present when the Covenant invaded the planet, having been out of contact for about a year.[21] This was not cause for undue concern, as many of Gray Team’s missions had been executed in a similar fashion

  • San 'shyuum status after Halo 3**-Not extinct, one San 'Shyuum is helping the Sangheili.**