UNSC weapon sounds some questions

So I heard the sniper before and now again is it just me or does it make you feel like the bullet is Spraying rather than moving along a single line.

the rockets sound okay but its little whistle isnt strong enough of the trejoctory progression

the shot gun sounds way to soft when it should be boneafied dry or heavy metal pump like

mainly I wouldnt use the rockets that much more so unless it was in my plan I wouldnt bother with them likely for the shotgun
but I do go for a sniper here and there
but the sniper sound makes me feel weak like its no use at all just by hearing it is making me question whether I can hit something or not and I just cant comprehend dealing with that

now the look I dislike but I can get over it though it looks like it should be a viewing scope that was detached from a tanks mechanics rather than a gun of its own.

Is it just me or am I the only one with these exact thoughts

as far as everything else goes Im good on that I dont mind its just these 3 are a question now Im not saying I hate these I could get used to them anyone will Im just asking if you guys feel the same about this

I think all the guns sounds are too weak they all make a clicking or “tink” sound. i really hope they change the guns sounds