UNSC Vehicle Designs

I was thinking a little, Halo 5 gave us some pretty nice visual revamps of some of our favorite vehicles. I was wondering for Halo Infinite, what designs would ya’ll be more happy to see? We saw in the gameplay trailer that they’re sticking with the Halo 4 design for the warthogs which I don’t mind. But for other vehicles like the scorpion, the ones in Halo 5 were bulkier which is cool but nothing is wrong with the pre-Halo 5 designs either, or maybe I’m just craving some nostalgic elements since the current art style is meant to ride off of that. It’s already safe to assume the non-UNSC vehicles likely won’t be the same since the visual aesthetics that the Banished use are different which 343 seems to be carrying over (evidence being the phantom in the gameplay trailer).

I really don’t take issue with most of the newer 343 designs. I favor the old ones, but most of the new ones are pretty cool imo, and they make logical sense as newer models. There has to be some change because new technology, research, and development will inevitably change how they look over time.

The one I really take exception with is the Scorpion. The original design actually looked kinda like the scorpion insect. The cannon was mounted on the back and extended over the chassis like a scorpion’s stinger. The 343 design looks like a pretty standard tank aside from the four treads. It’s just sorta bland.

I prefer the Bungie Warthogs.
i also prefer the Bungie Scorpions. I think Bungie did a better job with vehicles, but 343 has done an astronomical job with weapon details.

I am in favor of most of 343 designs, including the Covenant ones, except the Pelican and the Scorpion. The new ones are definitely more functional and believable, but they’re less “cool”. I understand the scorpion cannon mounted on the center makes more sense functionally, but it loses the badass factor and the resemblance with an actual scorpion. I’d be satisfied if they keep the original silhouette of the Scorpion and make the details and function from the Halo 5 design.

Large tank is large tank

Give me a warthog with a turret on the back and a tank with a cannon and I’ll take care of the rest.

Bungie’s designs had character to them, 343’s are just lifeless and feel out of place

I really like 343’s UNSC vehicle design. Especially the warthog. the 343 warthog looks the part as a medium armored military vehicle. I do like the bungie warthog too, but it looks far too light to be something that a utilitarian military would use, rather the design better suits a civilian role (except the giant gun on the back).

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> I prefer the Bungie Warthogs.
> Bungie343i also prefer the Bungie Scorpions. I think Bungie did a better job with vehicles, but 343 has done an astronomical job with weapon details.

It’s a case of making the vehicles look too complex and stripping away their character

Bungie managed to have this sort of ‘90s science fiction’ look to their vehicles, which gave them a unique flare. I would personally prefer every vehicle to look more like the Bungie era vehicles, but we can’t always get what we want. I’m fine with the warthog (though I despise the silver handle bars on the front), but I would very much like the shield-cover on the mounted turret to return to its octagonal shape, rather than the bland square shape that 343i insists upon.

As for what vehicles I think should specifically have their classic design? The scorpion, Wraith, and Ghost. These should be classic. The Scorpion, especially. The classic silhouette of the Scorpion is where it got its name, and I will never understand why 343i insisted upon redesigning it. The Wraith and Ghost should more closely resemble their classic counterparts, though they’ll likely have some banished flare. The banshee design doesn’t really matter as long as it isn’t the weird Halo 5 design. I’d prefer Halo 2’s Banshee (I think the pink cover, coupled with the deep purple chassis makes it look great). In all likelihood, we’ll be getting the Banished banshee variant from Halo Wars 2, which I am also fine with. Mongoose? I am not too greatly affected by it. I would prefer Halo 3’s, but it can be any of the designs and I won’t be bothered. Whatever flying UNSC vehicle we get, or multimanned Covenant vehicle, I cannot comment on, as we have no idea what they may be.

I’m just glad they’re getting rid of those stupid bars on the hood of the Warthog. Those have always been such a pointless addition to the vehicle, in my opinion.

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> I’m just glad they’re getting rid of those stupid bars on the hood of the Warthog. Those have always been such a pointless addition to the vehicle, in my opinion.

I’m happy to see a more traditional looking warthog as well, so I’m cool with the bars not being included. But I think the bars had a purpose.

Similar to a brush guard on a ranch truck, they can assist in navigating dense terrain. They also provide hand holds for wounded troops having to be laid across the hood (this is definitely a thing that could happen in a battlefield situation, and has happened historically in other wars with other vehicles). Furthermore, and this part is speculation, you could use the bars as attachment nodes on the Warthog. They provide a modular design to the Warthog where you can attach things to the bars. Again, this is a thing that exists today with bars added to the fronts of vehicles. There are a lot of reasons to have them.

But as I said, I’m totally cool with no bars on the Warthog. It’s a game, so the Warthogs can look however we want them to look, regardless of real-world consequences or reasoning. Just figured I’d provide some reasons as to why the bars aren’t totally pointless.

I tend to prefer the bungie designs for vehicles because they felt more unique. The scorpion, while instantly recognizable as a tank, doesn’t really look like any tank in real life. The Halo 5 scorpion could as easily be in any modern shooter. It’s just like the controversy over the H5 rocket launcher, it makes it look generic and modern. We aren’t playing a game based in the 2500s to see things we could see today, we want to see the cool future machines.