UNSC Valkyrie

As a freuquent forge player… yes forge I do like to build… things (Totally not -Yoink!-’s) I have had an idea which I think would not only benefit me but the whole community. I am one for big builds but I cant find the right team to help with said builds.

That’s why I’m here.

I need help to create a massive social space for people and even spartan companies. (I’ll even let people borrow the social space… for a price of course) I need as many people as I can to help me build the Drum roll UNSC Valkyrie! and when I say this I mean a fully functioning UNSC Spacecraft like the one you see in the main menu. Of course the forge maps lack such a space but I’m sure we can make the best out of what we got.

If you want too take part here are the details.
Message and Add Lyphi on xbox
Must be 15+
And please! PLEASE! Be experienced.

Thank you for your time!
(If this annoys people or I posted in the wrong place let me know… I am sorry.)
Any questions put down below.