UNSC TITAN (MCC transition to Halo 5)

Seeking SPARTAN IV prospects for our clan.

-your choice in appearance*
-youtube (upcoming)
-website (upcoming)
-SPARTAN profile (Custom drawing of your in-game spartan)
-applicable training
-community (forge,custom games, and matchmaking)
-24 players maximum
-eligible for prizes

-must be active on xbox live
-must own Halo 5 within at least 1 week of launch date (clan focus is within Halo 5)
-must own an Xbox One (for current play in MCC)
-must follow all clan rules (will be explained once you transition to recruit phase)

*Gamertag, callsign, emblem, primary color, and clan tag must follow our guidelines

Send me a friend request AND a message on XBOX LIVE
^The o is the number 0^

Which timezone is your clan based?

> 2533274835818266;2:
> Which timezone is your clan based?

UTC -06:00/07:00

I am in South Korea right now which is in +09:00, but the time doesn’t really matter much since I am on all the time.