UNSC Tiberius

-/Transmission incoming-
-Transmission Caught-
=Subject: 23rd Marine Reg of UNSC Tiberius=
-=Transmission Start=-
Hello and welcome! I am glad you opened this transmission! As you saw in the subject this consists of an enlistment into our marines. We have little requirements:

*Be active 3 out of 7 days of the week.
*Be loyal to the clan as a whole.
*Have discord.
*Must have MCC: Halo Reach [Xbox].
*Must have a working microphone.
*Must be 13+ years of age.

Like written previously little requirements. What we have to offer to you as a marine is:

*19th ODST Battalion

With all that there you as a marine have plenty of opportunities. As a clan we do all other normal activities as others. For example:

*MLG [Internal/External]
*TeamTac [Internal/External]
*Raid [Internal/External]

To enlist there is an application you must fill out before joining amongst our ranks. As well as a basic training you must complete. To receive that application message Everet Wise#4660 on discord and say “I saw your transmission on halo waypoint and I’m interested in joining UNSC Tiberius.” Send it just like that and I will send you the application as soon as possible.
-=Transmission End=-