UNSC Spirit of Fire Clan

This is the UNSC Spirit of Fire. A Phoenix-Class colony ship utilized by the UNSC for transportation. It houses copious amounts of Marines, ODST’s, and Spartan II’s. But that is lore based. Based on our fictional-lore we have Marines, ODST’s, Military Police (A Sub Branch of the Marines), SII’s, SIII’s, and Specialists. Our clan welcomes everyone from new to old players and we make sure that everyone is taught. Marine training is a basic 5-day course program with additional games of Team Tac (People from Reach will remember that). ODST conscription is based on a few weeks (depending on the speed of training). Spartan II and III conscription take a basis of months, minimum usually 6 and maximum around 2 years. Now, about us personally. We are branched off from a past UNSC ship that we decided we wanted to leave. We are very passionate about this community and we follow all basic protocols and ROE’s. The clan itself is welcoming and offers plenty of expansion into multitudes of special forces and climbing the ranking ladder. For questions or wanting to join message: REBUILT PARTY35 and Bungie Warlord.

We might possibly have special training for a Sergeant Forge even though lore-wise he is dead

interesting ill be online in 7 hours if we could talk bout this later

Message my account.