UNSC Seals Recruiting

Hi. Im the leader of the Seals and im looking to rebuild the clan to how it once was in Reach but in Halo 4 and i need members to do so. A couple of things that are different in our clan that some other clans is that we do not have soldier types (sometimes called branches such as sniper, commandos, etc). Instead we have a competitive branch that you have to tryout to join. Then we also have the cooperative branch that you do not need to try out for.

To join either branches you must

  1. Have a microphone
  2. play halo 4 consistently
  3. Be willing to change your emblem
  4. and lastly friend me on xbox live (GT is Jackerdoom if you cant figure that out).

Competitive Branch Info
Must Tryout like previously stated. Looking for overall good players. Specific weapon specialist (sniper, heavy weapons, etc) have less of a chance but STILL HAVE A CHANCE so feel free to tryout if your one of those players. Tip snipers have more of a chance then any other weapon specialist, bu overall players are still what we are primarily looking for. The emblem requirements for this branch only require a yellow shield back ground. Any primary emblem is allowed. This Branch will participate in all clan battles, wars, tournaments, etc. that we participate in.

Cooperative Branch Info
Also known as the for fun branch of the clan, you do not need to try out. Anyone is welcome. This Branch is all about having fun and meeting new friends to play with. Emblem Requirements for this branch involve having a primary emblem as the Spartan Helmet. We are currently deciding whether to have a background for this branch or just allow any back ground allowed. The colors for the primary though will be primary- black secondary -maroon. This branch will not participate in clan battles, wars, etc.

If your interested in joining or have any other questions feel free to message me on XBOX Live. If you do want to join please do not complain about emblem requirements. They are set and will not be changed due to one or two people not liking them. And finally just a quick reminder, there is no age limit to the clan so we may have younger members mixed with older members sometimes. If you feel you will argue and fight with someone please just mute them and we will understand. We much rather have a more peaceful environment in the clan then one that is always having fights.

We also have a new website unscseals.weebly.com You can look at that for more info as well as messaging me.

The new website also has a list of all halo 4 clan battles and clan wars that we have or are participating in.