UNSC ordnance weapons mastery

What are some good playlists to master the commendations for UNSC Saw, Shotgun, Rocket Launcher, Railgun, and sticky detonator?

Dominion mostly and big team infinitely slayer for the sticky detonator.

The Sack of Action.

Action Sack has tons of Ordnance weapons you can use on literally any of their maps. Plus, there is Rock n’ Rail, which is a pretty cool way to do it. Either way, action sack is pretty much the grindstone to any of the ordnance mastery commendations.

> Dominion mostly and big team infinitely slayer for the sticky detonator.

Thanks, I was wondering for the SD.

Action sack fiesta is a great place to work on weapon commendations in general.

Action Sack for most Power Weapons but use Dominion and BTB for the Spartan Lazer.

For the sticky detonator another option is infinity slayer due to the frequency of Haven and Adrift being picked. It spawns in the beginning of the match for both maps.

For the Sticky Detonator, just play Rumble Pit or Infinity Slayer with Requisition as an armor upgrade, that way you can change your ordnance if you don’t get the Sticky Detonator. Haven is frequent in both of these gametypes, so you have pretty good odds of getting this one.

However, I myself need help with the Spartan Laser. What is the best gametype/strategy for getting kills with the Spartan Laser? I still have this stupid commendation in Expert.


Infinity Slayer for all of those, cept the Rocket Launcher, Better to go for big team. Then use the Requisition Upgrade to get what you need. and just let them come Naturally, I am Almost done with the Sticky Det and Laser, then all that I need is the Railgun.

I just finished up Forerunner Ordance Mastery and was looking for info on the UNSC ones, good thread here. So yeah btb and dominion is the best option for the spartan laser? Got everything else pretty much covered

For sticky detonator play king of the hill on serenity. It spawns at the beginning for red team and respawns every 3 mins…I get 6-8 kills per game with it.

These are the playlists I used. I got the commendation before Team Action Sack and Team Snipers came out. That’s a good playlist to start as you can play Rock & Rail or Fiesta.

Dominion is a good overall place to start, because if you play Longbow or Exile the UNSC weapons are what spawn, and if you need more than one weapon to finish mastering you can pick from a lot of different choices.

Flood is good for Shotgun. That should be expected. :slight_smile:

I think the one that would be toughest to get is the sticky detonator, because it doesn’t spawn in Dominion or Action Sack. I got it playing a lot of Team or FFA on Haven. Not very many people go for it so I always ran for it. Use the Ammo perk with Dexterity and you get can easily pick up at least 4 kills with it every time.

Hope that helps.