UNSC Now Recruting;We Want You!


Welcome to United Nations Spartan Corps. At UN Spartan Corps we like to have fun, win or lose, but work together as a team to achieve the victory. If we lose, we learn from our mistakes and make accommodations to improve our performance in the next battle. We do operate from a website, which may not be at optimal performance and appearance but we are currently working hard to enhance our site.

Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Integrity, and Honor are the United Nations Spartan Corps Values. The Values are taught in your initial training and reinforced throughout your UNSC Career. These values provide the proper guidance and oversight to ensure our forces are ready to meet the operational requirements of combatant commanders.


  1. Go to our website and agree to the Agreement Terms.

  2. Fill out the required information and click save.

  3. Head over to the Transmission Wing(Forums) and go to the Enlistment Office. Make sure to read the Enlistment Form topic stickied in the forum, use the link provided.

  4. Upon completion of the form, an Officer will review your Enlistment and contact you appropriately to decide if you are ready to take Boot Camp.


Prerequisites are the requirements for all those wishing to enlist. All must…
…be at least 15 years of age or older
…own a properly functioning mic/headset
…maintain a mature manner
…sustain a respectable amount of activity within the UN Spartan Corps on both forums and Xbox Live.

Post-requisites are the requirements that personnel must follow while in the Spartan Corps. All personnel must wear the appropriate emblem;
~ Mombasa with White Shield background— Non-Toggled
~ All aspects of Halo Reach armor/colors are completely personal decisions
~ Armor color and Emblem color cannot create a distortion of the emblem


Loyalty “Bear true faith and allegiance to UN Spartan Corps.”
Respect “Treat people as they should be treated”
Integrity “Do what’s right, legally and morally”
Honor “Live up to Spartan Corps values”
Duty “Fulfill all of your obligations”

We will be setting up squads shortly do join now.

Your not avalible every day? Well that’s okay we understand some people have a life.

I am not a Halo Reach player, but you did a great job grabbing my attention!
Great post!
I’ll look for you when Halo 4 comes along my good sir. If you will still be recruiting then.

We will always Recruting but once were a stable clan with men I’m the Barracks we wont be posting here once a day. I am Corporal Chaos and a good idea is too enlist like 2 weeks before Halo 4 comes out so you can get credits on the Fourms and do your boot camp early in November.

And thank you.

Well thnk you. I’ll keep that in mind and mark my calendar and put your website in my favorites.

It’s a great clan!