UNSC Meriwether Lewis, Now Recruiting!

NAME: UNSC Meriwether Lewis
We are a lore-based clan and a part of the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) community, and intend to push our names into the UNSC clan community as one of the best out there; we also intend to represent ONI to the Halo community as a group of skilled players and passionate Halo fans. The UNSC Meriwether Lewis is a military style clan with a growing naval force, marine/ODST detachment & Spartan-IV detachment, each with its own unique play style and group dynamic. We promote all kinds of play, whether it be in the Warzone, Arena, or Forge modes or doing Raids. Sound interesting yet?


  • Must be willing to change: emblem, armor colors, service tag. (We have a uniform) - Must be willing to comply and work with a military ranking structure and chain of command. This also means following orders. - Must be willing to be active. If you are unable to be active for a set period of time, please inform us or we will release you from active duty. - Must be willing to follow all protocols and regulations of the Office of Naval Intelligence and the United Nations Space Command.POINTS OF CONTACT:

  • PRIMARY/ message me on Xbox Live (and/or invite me to check out whatever cool thing you’re making in Forge)! Luke Aran 038 - SECONDARY/ http://semper-vigilans.enjin.com. Register and put in an application and we’ll contact you. - TERTIARY/ UNSC Meriwether Lewis

im in

Still looking for new members!