UNSC MC Recruiting(Halo Reach/Halo 4)

United Nations Space Command Marine Corps

We are recruiting active players who love teamwork and a friendly environment. right now we are small but we are growing day by day.

We have some awesome groups/squads to join . For example, ODST, Demolition, Wheelman, Pilot, Recon and many more.

If you dont like going through a recruitment process or a Boot Camp then this is not the place for you.

Main rules are, Active(In game and on forums), Loyalty(one clan only), Respect(calling superior officers Sir), and NO T-Bagging unless given permission
We well never put you down and will always try to help you better your game and help you with any problems you might be going through(in game or real life)

If you would like to join plz visit http://unscmc.forumotion.com/forum and register.
Once your account it activated you will have to submit a Enlistment form and then if accepted sign up for boot camp

Add me on XBL xStandDown808x I will help you get through the first steps of becoming a UNSC MC Marine and to make you feel welcome

NCO 1st Sgt. xStandDown808x
Semper Fi!!