UNSC Infinity-Recruiting spartans and odst.

U.N.S.C. Infinity
Message GT “Katulyst” on xbox live for more info via live chat.

With the brink of a new halo game in our midst a new gaming community emerges.
The UNSC Infinity Community.Themed after the entire Halo Series you can be sure to expect great times had here with us.

We have a website which includes;
-5 Tiers of halo themed ranking structures.
-A joint task system of different factions of players.Who will you be? Army,navy,odst?
-Custom graphics tailored to the website and its users.
-Creative media content for your entertainment.
-Major halo information tidbits conveniantly located. (we did all the searching)
-Commanded by an actual U.S. Military Combat Veteran that knows how to take care of his soldiers.With experiance in The Game vending world,website and grapghic design,leadership,creativity.
-A Mature age restriced community.

We are currently seeking;
-New members.
-Website assistants for ;news, forum mods ,user admins,machinima teams,graphics,etc.
-Mature Players
)Mic, a must
}Coop and social capabilities.
}and more…

We currently have are very own clan original games being created! We are a halo group with so much potential for greatness with limited spaces available!Only 60 Members will be accepted. Check out and apply now at…

Dont miss out on the new era of clan gaming! www.unscinfinity.enjin.com

A question,

I will be unable to get on Xbox Live due to my currently damaged internet connection,and unless I’m at a friends or one of my siblings house (who usually has a brilliant connection) I will not be able to attend or join in on XBL activities as I doubt my connection will be stable enough. It won’t be properly repaired until appropriate time is made for it (Perhaps 1-2 months,depends on how good the electrician is). However I’m capable of being highly active on the forum site and will probably spend most of my time there,attempting to be as active as possible.

Will this effect my ability to join and be a member of Infinity?