UNSC Fireteam Recruitement

Need a fireteam? Post here to build or find a fireteam for coop or Multiplayer.

Need 3 for Chapter 8 and beyond on legendary add legionofkings and join!

NEED 3 for chapter 10 and up on legendary add legionofkings

Looking for a team with mics for halo 5 multiplayer today add and message legionofkings

Looking for a “Work as a Team” clan.
It might be easy to get lost in the massive battles taking place in Warzone.
However, those who communicate and work as a team will come out victorious more often than those that don’t.
You don’t need to get all 12 players working together to make a difference,
just grabbing a nice squad of 4-5 players should do the trick.
Moving together, firing at the same enemies, and attacking the same capture points,
and we can easily make a huge difference in the outcome of the battle.

Trying to find 3 people with mics to play wars one anyone wants to hop in add me or message me my GT is my username