UNSC continues counterattack

UNSC frigate Graffton has just been destroyed by the covenant assault carrier, long night of solace. Should the UNSC send more ships to attack it while the ground campaign continues? Or naawwww?

Long Night of Solace was a very large ship. I think there was good reason to fall back. I can image the ground troops being scared and surprised that a large ship just appeared and rekt Graffton.

I would of ordered everyone to just abandon Reach entirely at that point. I would of concentrated all remaining forces to aid in mass evacuations and just get the hell out of dodge. Though I would of kept Noble team on the ground until they got Cortana.

At this point I would of found out that Reach was already lost since the covenant would keep coming and glass the entire planet as they did the previous colonies.

I would of massed the entire UNSC fleet somewhere.

It was already over. We were too un-prepared for an attack there.

Going what was said at the start of halo 2 The unsc lost 40% of it navy at reach the other 60% was at earth (also some ships had not been finshed yet like the infinity)

The surprise attack and lack of preparation and distance made throwing anything else at reach a terrible idea and complete wast of time and resources

It would be an unwise choice to deploy more ships in response to the Graffton’s destruction. They’d be destroyed seconds after exiting slipspace. I’d have small spartan teams to aid ground forces and have them come in on frigates towards the opposite side of the planet, allowing enough time to reach the surface before the Solace gets there too take them out. The frigates can then remain on the planet and aid in attacks and evacuations. The Solace will most likely send more troops and the additional spartans fireteams can help ground forces fend off them off and could’ve bought the evacuation efforts a week or 2 a best. This action could’ve reduced the civilian death toll greatly.