UNSC BLUE TEAM is recruiting all skilled SPARTANII

The prerequisite to join the elite ranks of UNSC BIue Team you must first join our scouting company Team Ninjaz, and be a cut above the rest. We are looking for Leadership and skill of the highest quality. Joining Blue Team is considered the Pinnacle of the United Nations Space Command (UNSC) and held in regards as the highest achievement a SPARTAN can acquire.

  • Must have passed the probationary phase of our scouting company Team Ninjaz (10 business days) - Must have at least a 4 man Fireteam to move up from Team Ninjaz to UNSC BIue Team - Leadership requires a 12 man firesquad - Must be an exceptional player - Must be online consistently (not constantly)UNSC BIue Team

  • SPARTAN COMPANY : ONI Fireteam Osiris* Must have joined team ninjaz. Must have Previous experience leading Spartan company. Must enlist 4 Spartans in a 30 day period and be able to run weekly fireteam practices.


  • Leader:YOU

  • Lieutenant: YOU

  • Sergeant: ?

  • SPARTAN COMPANY : Team Ninjaz is our 3rd party scouting company designed to find and recruit talented SPARTANS for fireteams, ONI Fireteam Osiris and UNSC BIue Team

  • Leader: xMIGHTYx

  • Lieutenant: Devinatorz

  • Staff Sergeant: Dino00

Some people take this -Yoink- so serious. PROBATIONARY period??