UNSC aircraft

ok i dont waht it will be but say the falcan comes back i loved it in reach but one thing that bugged me was that the thing had 5 seats in the crew compartment and only the gunner-seats were useable while having all of the seats would have been kinda weird how about having the gunner-seats and then just 1 more seat available then we could make a awesome 1 bomb game. one team has bomb and falcons the other gets banshees the only way to get to objective is to fly pretty simple but could be so much fun i wanted to do this on reach but as explained above wasnt feasible

i like the idea of it from where you’re coming from but i think it would be good if you could actually use more aircraft. for example how many times have you often wondered what it would be like to fly the pelican with like 5 of your mates in the back and you dropping them off. i would love that. but back to your point. i think all seats should be accessible.

ive actually made a thread talking about that but since i was talking about falcons i figured id put up a new thread