UNSC Air Vehicles

What would you like to see? Falcon or Hornet?

I’d like to use both in Halo 4.

Both definitely, but if only one then Falcon I guess.

Definetly the falcon. The controls were awesome compared to the hornet where u had to look up to go up. Also the passengers are way more useful in the falcon

Hornet with Falcon controls, Missile Launchers for the pilot and a gunner seat on each side. The turrets would fold down from the wings of the Hornet.

HAWK plz

Falcon and an extra vehicle.Make it so that there is an variant of the Falcon that can carry more troops,but does not have any machine guns.

As for the extra UNSC vehicle,make the human equaivalent of a banchee:a jet.But make a VTOL one(kinda like the Hornet was a VTOL imo)

I firmly believe that nothing should ever not return so I say both, but I want customization options (Choose the side guns and whether or not the driver can fire) and the capability to switch from the inside. Seriously, if you’re on the wrong side of the falcon you have to land and then get out and walk around to the other gun and remount… that’s stoopid. But I would guess that since the Falcon was a precursor to the hornet and Halo 4 takes place way after Reach that we will have either the Hornet or something newer.

falcon look near the top left near the infintythe falcon has been spotted im not sure about the hornet thou but I’ve heard it been seen

The Flacon



> What would you like to see? Falcon or Hornet?


Since we know that the Falcon is already in the game… I would have to say Falcon, but I would love to see both in the same game.

> The Flacon
> Or
> This…

That style of turret actually is on the Pelican, so I can see that happening.

I think their should be something totally new with newly discovered technology or a returning vehicle with improved looks and features.

Have both, similar to Mongoose vs Warthog have the Hornet as quick and nimble although have it a little weaker and only carry one person and the Falcon as a little slower but tougher, stronger and able to carry two gunners that can jump out to switch to ground combat.