UNSC Aerial Vehicles

Can we please get either the Hornet or Falcon in an upcoming update. We haven’t had UNSC aerial vehicles in a new Halo since Reach

I miss the Hornet! So much fun to play with, isn’t it?

Yes, I think we need at least one of them. Both would be great.

I have seen several threads asking for this so even though I haven’t seen 343 say anything about this I hope its at least on their radar to watch. Even if its just a troop transport I’d love to have a UNSC vehicle. Imagine loading up 3 or 4 spartan in it and air lifting them over to a legendary boss and then they jump out in a similar fashion to fireteam Osiris at the beginning of the Battle of Sunaion where they jump out of the Lich.

A transport would be SWEET!

even pelicans would be cool and I think drop pods would be awesome! just get in and the door closes like a banshee and it drops and when it lands you hop out.

I was really hoping they would put pelicans in halo 5