Unreleased Halo 4 music?

I was wondering whether it was possible to get the music that plays during Multiplayer, such as the Last man standing flood music, a piece i like, and the Matchmaking victory music which plays, since due to some lag in a match, the piece played for a lot longer than usual, and i very much enjoyed its continuation. Hopefully, someone from 343 can answer my question, since i cant find the music, and i’m unsure if they have already been released in VOL 1/2 of the OST.

Tesco Returns, hmm I played with you few days ago in Matchmaking.

And actually few days ago, I heard the music that plays when you win the match, and as you stated, due to lag it went for long, and I never heard that before, and it did sound cool.

I also want that music in Spartan Ops Episode 7, Chapter 2 when infinity gets invaded and you shut the gates for it to malfunction and a remix of ‘Belly of the beast’ comes on and it just sound really cool.

Perhaps we’ll get a vol 3 one day.

Hmm at least i’m not going insane when i heard it… So can anyone shed some light on the matter?

The last man standing music you’re after is probably Swamp (grrr…), from 1:13 onward.