Unreal Engine 5 for Halo please 343

Have you seen matrix demo for unreal engine 5? I would like to see a halo game using that engine with a level just as action packed as that one. Come on 343. Yall can do it!

Also. With all the weapon variants in campaign, can we see those in MP ? I would love to see those along with new and old ones returning.

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It is far far too late for them to do something of this magnitude, realistically they’ll probably never switch engines because the issue with switching is that it could very well just result in a game that looks/feels nothing like Halo.

Bethesda uses the same crappy engine they’ve been using for 2 decades IIRC, its because switching it would take absurd amounts of work, so much so that just updating the one they already have is better.

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And the Godzilla sized storage footprint it’ll come with.

I think it was officially stated that the use of a proprietary engine allowed 343 to achieve a Microsoft guideline that encouraged developers to limit the space the game took up on the Xbox’s hardware. Unreal cannot ‘compress’ well at all, which is why you don’t see massive games made in it that look any better than Fortnite.

On top of that, while Unreal is versatile and looks pretty, it’s also limited in many ways. Not saying Slipspace isn’t limited, but it offers more towards underlying status quo than Unreal could.

Would love to see a sandbox expansion as well for selection.


Ya that will be nice but not gonna happen, Now I saw a interview with Keanna Reeves on the new Matrix Movies coming out. He is not even in the MOVIE!!! It’s all done in Unreal 5. He does do the voice and thats it! I could not believe it!! He is 100% Virtual!! WOW!!

He stated “It’s computer puppetry!”

here is the link for proof!!


Here is a comparison video of old movie to new movie.


Well, in the case of Bethesda they probably should have updated by now, because there are issues with Game Bryo that haven’t been fixed since Morrowind. But in general I agree with your point.