Unqualified players

On my main account I was noticing that in Halo 5 (any playlist really) that I was matching people who hadn’t qualified in that game type yet and they were coming up against my full party of 4 semi pros and onyx’s. Obviously this wasn’t working out for them and they dropped massive neg bombs and cost their team the game, their teams usually consisted of similar ranks to myself and my party (onyx to pro). I decided today to jump on my second account which hadn’t played a game of Halo 5 beta yet. I played my ten qualifying matches of slayer and only won 6 (placed gold 1), but here is the twist, I recorded that 7 of those 10 games included an onyx or higher rank in the game, the account has a straight up above 3.0 K/D (GT is Compassioned, it is 160 kills to 50 deaths with 100+ assists). I’m not a bad player by any means and my loses were a result of my team which was almost always weaker than the enemy team.

This is a huge issue on Halo 5’s competitive side; you simply can’t have a new account matching veterans. I realise this beta is meant to showcase Halo 5’s competitive side, but for any ‘noob’ who wants to play Halo 5 they are going to be in for an annoying first 10 games until they get placed in a low division.
So after this I came to the conclusion of two things;

  1. Halo 5 just can’t be searched without a full party. If you’re searching in a 3 you’re running the risk of being paired a unqualified player. This is extremely frustrating, especially in the semi pro and pro ranks where a loss costs you 20 to 40 points.
  2. Newer players will have a very hard time. I understand that they will end up in a division which correlates their skill but wouldn’t it just be easier if they could only match as high as the Gold division? That way they are still going to be versing a different variety of skills but wont be versing the elitists.
    Let me know your thoughts? Have you guys had similar experiences?

I had this problem as well. Before I got ranked I was consistently going up against players well above my skill level. As soon as I got moved to Iron I was playing other iron players.

#I will not buy Halo 5

I think the population has dropped off dramatically this week due to most player’s hating BR starts. My friend and I out of kicks made a new account and he qualified higher than his main (gold 3) I on the other hand finished just under my main (onyx 3). I’m semi pro on my main.