Unpopular opinion... I like breakout, I wish they brought it back in infinite!

I know the gametype got alot of hate but I had some of the most fun in H5 playing break out. And i mean the original break out in the arena that would launch you into a paintball like map not the elimination slayer thing. doing things like capturing the flag while you were the last man standing was so tense and satisfying when you clutched it! and only having one life in a map like that forced you to decide weather you were gunna defend or be agressive and attack and you had to stick to it. i know people didnt like it but i would love to see this return in infinite. and if you dont like the gametype you can do this cool thing where you just play a diferent playlist. i thought it was awesome then breakout 2.0 started the decline.

Well they created a new mode called Attrition which has limited lives and several types of objectives. You can play them right now in offline Custom Games

Did it? I must’ve been too busy having fun to notice.

The elimination game type ended up being a lot of fun. And the maps were top tier. I am curious about that elimination game type achievement in Infinite.

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