Unpopular Opinion: Crossplay is fine, you're using the wrong control scheme

So, I’ve seen a lot of posts complaining about crossplay and the ‘advantage’ MKB noobs…sorry…MKB players have over the controller master race.

Playing controller 90% of the time I didn’t have this issue at all.

I recognize the MKB has some advantages, mainly in the following situations:
-Using Sidekick, Sniper, Shock Rifle, etc.
-Using Warthog turret

Imo that’s it, most other weapons are more or less the same, and I’d argue driving vehicles is far better with the controller. Of course this doesn’t hold true for competitive pro/esports play as minute differences are more pronounced there.

So here’s the thing: I don’t play default control scheme, I use the OG Recon scheme (and an Elite with 4 paddles though that is not relevant for my point). A friend just pointed out to me that the default scheme is pretty much like Call of Duty. That’s utterly useless for Halo. You don’t need to have zoom on a trigger, it’s ridiculous.

So maybe before complaining about controller disadvantage, check your settings, git gud and show the MKB scrubs how it’s done.

(all in good fun keyboard warriors, love you guys too)


played one match on my xbox one s and switched to recon immediately.
… loving the game so far but to be honest, feel a little let down by how much they’ve aped COD.
feels lazy and a weak admission that you’re not the Daddy anymore :slight_smile:
from the default controller set-up to them naming their monetization scheme as ‘Battle Pass’

you’re Halo, be proud of that!!!


I checked my controller settings and am quite gud but unless pistols and BR’s go then I’m afraid I’m going to say that MKB players are religated to their own matches. Mixing control hardware creates differentials and pushes gameplay in directions suited for the prevailing format. Ie. towards PC shooters.

This is -Yoink!- HALO, it shouldn’t be shifting its style of combat over to suit an input method it was FOUNDED on showing wasn’t as entertaining (MKB being better at that all-important task of getting headshots doesn’t mean it’s as valuable a medium for fun gameplay).

FFS, did we forget what the point of this franchise was when MCC went cross platform? Prior to Halo 1 the console shooter was not a seriously regarded entity. It pioneered the control scheme and showed what you could get out of a shooter if you moved the emphasis away from excel-grade precision aiming.

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The other thing people are overlooking is that halo has a strong emphasis on left stick/strafe aiming - that’s REALLY hard to do on a keyboard in comparison to controller since the inputs are binary. You have to match your continuous mouse movement to an instantaneous keyboard input change - it’s just not possible (match a finite change - mouse - to an instantaneous (infinite) change - kb)

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ADADADADADAD while compensating with your mouse is far easier than doing the same with two joysticks. The movements being matched are the same but the keyboard allows you to spam strafe a lot more easily for only being a matter of two button presses (that doesn’t prevent you from moving forward or back, WS are still free) while the mouse makes matching that movement easy for being a more precise pointing device (try using Edge with a controller vs. a MKB for illustration).

What you seem to be overlooking is that while button presses are binary you can still vary the grade of movement with how long you hold those button presses down. Strafe spamming is what you can replicate and out-match controllers most easily. It’s gladiatorial close range combat that they have more issue with (controller works best for complex coordinated movements, and what we’re discussing here are simple coordinated movements).

That’s not what strafe/left stick aiming is.

Matching a mouse’s movement to a keyboard for anything but a complex series of quick actions isn’t an issue. MKB isn’t suffering because players can compensate for the right stick with the left.

I’ve always found the controller vs MnKB arguments to be mostly fluff. There are advantages and disadvantages to both sides. The real issue is, what about those of us who just don’t want to play crossplay regardless of input.

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This is irrelevant for movements that happen in the millisecond range which are the subtle strafe inputs a good controller player can pull off in combat. Unless you are going to claim some BS like you can pulse your D key 10 times in 100 ms, coordinated with your mouse, then repeat that at a slightly different rate in the other direction, you can’t compensate with strafe aiming properly - your mouse hand has to work a lot harder. Especially for burst guns like BR where you’d need to potentially need to microadjust in combination with your key spam during the burst.

So I mean yea, I guess if you can hit the thousands of APM range, regularly, you can match a thumbstick that is tilted a few degrees at maybe a couple 100 APM max.

Why wouldn’t you want crossplay regardless of input? (assuming you’re one of those of us, curious to hear why)

I’m so sick of this argument. Controller this, mouse and keyboard that.

Y’all just wait until I get my Thrustmaster steering wheel working with this game.

/sarcasm (if it wasn’t obvious enough)

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I would actually love to see that lol. I mean if there are people playing LoL with feet pedals or CS with a trackpad, it has to be possible right?

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Honestly, Stigma. There’s far too many precedences of crossplay being done poorly that I just don’t trust it. Whether it be cheaters, network manipulation, etc… the room for error is egregious.

One of the main arguments that people pushed for crossplay was that PC population was low, and queue times were too long. That’s no longer the case. So why keep pushing it?

If people want to play with their friends on different platforms, then that’s fine. But the rest of us should still have the option to not if we don’t want to. I chose my platform, I’d rather play with others that have made the same choice. It’s the easiest way to address parity.

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I actually tried it in the first flight, but couldn’t get past the title screen lol haven’t tried it since, but I’m going to one of these nights.

I remember back in the day trying to play H3 with a guitar hero guitar. It did not go well.

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