Unplayable lag. Anyone else? Poll

I have had unplayable lag most games tonight, and I did a speed test and got awesome reading on latency and bandwidth. Anyone else experiencing this? I was playing big team and team snipers.

I’ve had major issues with big team for the past few days. It’s a joke.

Same here. I honestly haven’t had this many problems with any other online shooter

Played three games in the last hour or so. We had 3 Host migrations halfway through a BTB match, then crashed right back out to finding a match again.
That took several minutes to find players for some reason, then threw me into an
in-progress lag fest that was almost over.

I dont understand what is going on. Having Spartan ops and Matchmaking unplayable
due to poor connection/input lag is really making me just not want to play this
at all.

Sad really. Its a good game when it works.

Yes, BTB games are the most laggy, and smaller games are still frustrating though, hit detection is broken, and players teleport often enough to really screw me over.

I am in Western Canada, I really hope these issues are resolved soon, they are making me hate Halo 4.

No lag here. East Coast, too. The FPS that has given me the most lag in my life is actually Halo 3.

Tbh, since the release I didn’t experience ANY lag at all.

If you live on the West Coast then there’s your answer. It’s almost always East Coast host my dude so yea, learn to deal with it.

<-------West Coast player

I live on the east coast and its been rough

> I live on the east coast and its been rough


The lag is a serious issue. I have very high bandwidth, and have very low pings in every other game I play. In Halo 4, I’m lucky to get any decent game in BTB, and tonight even CTF has been very laggy. I’m sure it’s a problem with whoever the game chooses to host, but this is ridiculous. The hosting algorithm is seriously messed up or something. Very frustrating, as Halo 4 multiplayer is very fun, but not when it lags so bad it’s unplayable.

Yeah at least 1 game on 3 I make ! I have optic fiber 10mbit,very low ping but the host is maybe far. I’d like to have region filters like Reach !

Just played a game of 4v5 KOTH the weapon pick up takes about 3-4s same with grenade throws 3-4s delay, i’m not playing that crap so i quit. Checks where the players come from me and 2 others from Sweden all good there, checks other players Germany all good there and 1 guy from US.
So obviously the US guy hade host. Yet the game matches us up with a vote lobby and gives Host to the 1 player that clearly shouldn’t be host. Heck even if the German players had host with dial up it would still be better then the connection quality from the US player.

Anyway been like this since day 1 and still no fix.