unplayable lag, all multiplayer modes

HI all,

Wondering if anyone else is having this problem. I have heard lots about people having lag problems in MP but have not heard any solutions. My friends and I all purchased Halo 4 and now only I am having such terrible lag that MP is unplayable. My connection is good, Nat Open, nothing else downloading or streaming. At least 2-3 times a game in MP I get a “starting game” screen. I jump all over the place and getting kills is almost impossible. I have the same problem in Spartan ops unless I play solo. Last night I also got a message saying the Halo 4 servers were down. All of my fiends were able to play lag free all night. What can I do here? At this point Halo 4 is unplayable in MP. Campaign is fine and yes I will play it, but single player is not the only reason I bought the game. Anyone else have this problem and find a solution?


Yes, Me and my friends have also been having this issue recently, I was just playing co-op with one of my friends and the lag was persistent, and made the game unplayable, baring in mind we both have good connections, and our pings (when tested on the PC) are below 50ms.

matchmaking doesn’t have as much of a lag issue in my experience as co-op and spartan ops. Makes me wonder if these two types of game put a high workload on the consoles/(connection maybe) due to the extra amounts of data that needs streaming in order to keep everyone in sync. (more location data for the AIs)

Also, a second problem i did notice while in an online game, i made the mistake of checking a message mid game (while it was briefly quiet) and when i saw an opponent approaching i hit my Xbox button, only instead of closing the menu it froze and hung for a while, and i ended up getting killed and wasn’t able to do anything about it, this has happened a few times. which makes me wonder if Halo 4 isn’t putting a very high workload on the system.

I’m using the aging core (Xbox) edition if that helps. Maybe the game was tested on the newer generation Xbox 360 (not sure if they differ in hardware)

having the same issues…it’s nerve racking!!!