Unplayable frame-rate issues in BTB.

Was looking forward to some BTB this afternoon but alas, it is absolutely unplayable. The 360 is one of the newer slim models and didn’t have this issue a week ago when I was last over here.

This coupled with Team Snipers and SWAT being on a rotational playlist is seriously starting to grate on me. I really loved this game when it launched and was very excited about many of the changes to the game but it seems like it’s just being run into the ground by horrible management of the multiplayer playlists and lack of support for competitive gaming.

Also Microsoft’s position on not wanting people to put ads on Halo vids = all kinds of crazy I could go on and on about.

I encouraged several of my friends to purchase this game and now I feel guilty for doing so. The way it’s going now, I don’t see this game lasting very long and that’s a really sad thing because of how awesome it could still be.

TLDR: Rotational playlists of popular settings like SWAT and Snipers, lack of support for competitive gaming, forbidding people from putting ads on halo videos, coupled with unplayable frame-rate in BTB and in split screen are making me a very sad panda.