Well what have your experiences of join in progress been? Does it unbalance the game? does it boost your way of playing? explain!

I think it needs reworking. I like that it isn’t optional, cause let’s be serious if it was, most people wouldn’t even use it.

So, in order to prevent raging from being forced into it, some things should change.

  1. First of all, games should always start BALANCED.

  2. Quitters need some kind of penalty.

  3. A game with no actual hope of winning(i.e. almost over) is closed and doesn’t accept new players.

  4. If a game is 2v4, the 2 players should get 2x overshields until they receive teammates.

  5. If you go afk for 1 minute you are automatically booted. (repeat offenders get escalating penalties)

I think it’s perfectly fine the way it is. It functions exactly the same in Halo 4 as it does in every other game that has it.

When I played Battlefield, I’d join games that just started, ones that were about to be over, ones where my team was losing, and ones where my team was winning. Same thing for Call of Duty.

Even Mass Effect 3 has it for their matchmaking. They all work the same exact way. Halo shouldn’t be given special treatment just because it’s Halo and people want it.

People should stop being sore losers and not quit games.

ya but let’s be honest. battlefield and cod are no where near what halo is. I don’t mind the join in progress fixture mostly cod altogether is not really competitive for me. Mostly Cod in my opinion doesn’t really rely on the join in progress fixture because cod isn’t really team based.Halo on the other hand it’s a huge disadvantage who your versing

The teams should be balanced at start.

Other than that the system is fine as is. I join a playlist and stay there until I want to swap or I have to go. Stop backing out every game and guess what jip won’t happen as often.

If you want you can always go back to the halo where you start the game and the other team loses one person for whatever reason, Persuading the rest to leave and forcing you back to the lobby With 5 minutes wasted. Sit in the lobby some more instead of shooting people. Outnumbered? Set traps. Outgunned? Aa correctly. There’s some form of balance, but its only there if you think.