(unOfficial): Halo 4 Weapon Ideas

> <mark>PLEASE READ:</mark>I’m not from 343 industries and this isn’t a petition, 343i are the developers and we are the customers. They decide how to do their games, but we can obviously help them make a quality product. Remember how much Bungie listened to us in the past?
> Remember how those threads about the ARs during the Halo 2 times made Bungie add the AR to Halo 3? and the grenade ideas thread? Bungie did listen in the past, and that made them (for most of us) our favorite game developer. But now times have changed, and we got to look foward to 343 Industries, so I’ll post some weapon ideas, and you can also do the same in this thread :D.

Before starting, I want you to know that this idea makes the game have the simplicity that Halo: Combat Evolved had, in the sense that It has few weapons, but all of them useful.

As we all know it’s pretty hard to tell which weapons will be in Halo 4, but obviously there will be a badass magnum (seen in trailer) and an assaul rifle in Halo 4.

I’ll try to get all the favorite non-power weapons from Halo into an AR, Pistol and Covy/Forerunner Mid-long range rifle. I promise that It’s gonna be interesting, and I want you to READ so you can tell me what you think.

Those favorite weapons are the CE magnum, the Halo 2 magnum, the Halo 2 BR, the Beam Rifle and the assault rifle from CE and Reach.

This idea would need Halo 4 to have something that Halo has never had before, which is some kind or weapon attachments and switching from different firing modes.

<mark>The Magnum</mark>
We all saw the attatchment that Chief gave to his magnum in the first trailer, and I have an idea of what it should be.

<mark>Magnum Without Attachment</mark>:
12 Bullet Clip
Old school reticle
Fast fire rate, like in H2 and ODST pistol
Doesn’t have a scope.
9sk to the head, 12 to the head.
Can be dual wielded.

<mark>Magnum With Attachment</mark>:
12 Bullet Clip
Old school reticle
Slow fire rate, like Halo 3 magnum
2x Scope
3sk to the head, 6 to the body.
Cannot be dual wielded; it’s a procket sniper remember?

<mark>Assault Rifle</mark>
This is a weapon that is very likely to be in Halo 4, but it should be a true Close to Medium range rifle, therefore it should have to firing modes.

<mark>AR Full-Automatic</mark>
60 Bullet Clip
HCE AR reticle
Has recoil
15 shots per second like always
No Scope
Cannot be dual wielded

<mark>AR 3-Shot Burst</mark>
60 bullet clip
Something like H3s and Reach’s reticles mixed together
Has no recoil
15 shots per 2 seconds
No scoper
Cannot dual wield

<mark>Forerunner/Covy Mid-Long Range Fifle</mark>
This one is tricky, but it’s a weapon that is like a Halo 2 BR and the Beam Rifle mixed toghether.

<mark>Without Attatchment</mark>
100% battery
Reticle Unkown but as big a carbine/pistol/BR
No recoil
12 trigger pulls before overheats, 2 of battery used with one shot
Fire rate like Halo 2 BR
2x Scope
4sk to head, 7sk to body
Cannot dual wield

<mark>With Attchment</mark>
100% battery
Beam Rifle reticle
2 trigger pulls before over heat, 5 of battery used with one shot
Fast fire rate like Beam Rifle
5x and 10x scopes
1sk to head, 2sk to body
Cannot dual wield

Making this happen is happen would be the case of less is more, quality > quantity, so keep that in mind when posting your own ideas.

One last note: For some gametypes, like pro, snipers or something, there can be a rule that the first fire mode and attachment is unablaible for X weapon.

Now you guys can post you own weapon ideas, and also tell me what you think of mine.

Good luck for 343i in the making of Halo 4!

(Reserved for the future)

I would love it if the Assault Rifle had different Rates of Fire. The AR sucks in multiplayer, i would love it if 343 made the Assault rifle in a way the close range and mid range gun.