Unofficial Graphics Thread

343i The Graphics in Halo Anniversary are Great but can you PLEASE PLEASE Polish and improve them more?!

Add more Real-time HDR (High Dynamic Range) lighting, and independent lighting sources, add little touches (Dont forget about the “Little Things in Life or Graphics”) Like Weeds, or Flowers, Cups, Trays, Bottles, Cans, Cigar Pipes, Trashcans, Box’s/Crates, Cones, Etc.

Improve and polish Shiny Reflective surfaces and IF Possible add Real-time reflections, add as many polygons as you can, improve Animation Quality etc., Make the weapon/equipment/vehicle/and Player/character models look Just like or as closely like The Original as you Possibly can!

Discuss… Anything Graphics or Visually Related to Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary…

NOTE I know the Graphics are great and the games almost done but i am just stating what i want and theres still more than 4 months left until release so… And if the Xbox 360 can handle Crysis 2, or Battlefield 3, grapics then it can handle the current graphics plus my additions!