Unnecessary things in halo 4

Alright people before you say that im refering to halo as cod just listen, i used to hate when people said halo 4 was turning in to cod its not the classes or the ordnance. what i think makes it seem like its more cod than halo is the Unnecessary stuff they added. such as grenade indicators that tell you where the grenade is. and the end of game screen where it says victory or defeat those things are pointless to add and i personally hope there is an option to turn them off

I’ll give you those. The grenade indicator is pointless, and I’m not a fan of the end game screen, as it stands.

Yeah the “Victory” thing is somthing I don’t like I going to miss my unregisted kills before the black screen.

I guess that the are trying to make winning more sweet… but if they want to do that they need to add the 1 to 50 ranking system back (or somthing like it)