Unlocks not being given

Now I just wanted to post just because I really don’t know if this is a problem for anyone else as well.
It’s not exclusive to matchmaking but i feel like my post will be read here. but im not getting certain unlocks.

Like nameplates and avatars and even though I have the achievements terminals arent showing up either.

I’ve decided to play through the entire series legendary and I’ve gotten to halo 3 and I wanted to change my
nameplate to the red “legendary” one and It says I have yet to unlock it. Am I not meeting some criteria? I was
thinking this might be the case cause I’m not turning on scoring for this first run through to re-acquaint myself
with the games. but it doesn’t say I have to get the par score or time most of these unlocks. and I have found
every terminal in halo 1 and 2 and yet I have none of the avatars unlocked either.

If someone can confirm that its not just me, or that I am not meeting some criteria, or if tell me if this has been
discussed and im just adding to the trash and throng of people angry over the MP. thanks guys.