anyone wanna unlock master chiefs armor bonus for beating the game on legendary? let me know send me ur gamer tags ill be back in a hr or so, i got all 2nd waypoints so we start half way threw the levels, i beat this game on legendary solo and know what to do but the u gatta beat the damn thing online to unlock it so u get ripped off if u beat this game offline. DO NOT DO ANY CAMPAINS OFFLINE ITS A WASTE OF TIME 343 SHOULD TELL THIER PLAYERS THIS GIVE A WARNING INSTEAD OF MAKING THEM GO THREW THIS GAME OFFLINE, BEATING IT AND THEN SAYING OH U WERNT ONLINE SO U HAVE TO DO THIS ANNOYING NOT GOOD CAMPAIN AGAIN! ← nerd rage ftw!

Campaign was awesome, I’m playing it through again because I enjoy it, not to play digital dress up and pretend I’m MC in War Games.

i dunno about u but i like to know i look good while i frag my enemies… common bro do u even lift? haha ;p