Unlocking new armor and the like

One thing I never understood about Halo Reach has repeated itself with Halo 4. What I dont understand is why anytime we get a new item, we cant have it yet because we are not at a high enough level to unlock it and have it available for purchase.

Why did they repeat that same thing in this game? Would it not make more sense to not tell you that you have something and just let you unlock it at the level its supposed to unlock at? What is the point in telling us that we got a new item if we are not even at the level required to unlock it?

I just look at it as a preview of what’s soon to come. Guess they put it in so people can see what they can unlock soon and possibly give them something to work towards.

It’s there for two things, as far as I can tell.

1)To tease you.

2)To let you know what you have to do to unlock it once you’re teased.

Without the second one, you wouldn’t know what you had to do to because you wouldn’t be able to see something existed that you hadn’t unlocked.

Get you more excited and motivated? sounds about right to me.

The only reason it doesnt make sense is how they word it. They tell you that you have a new item in the Armory yet when you go there, its locked and you cant have it unless you either complete a certain task or reach a level that will take a while to get to.

If I see something on the screen that says “you have a new item/feature”, then I expect that thing to be available when i get to it.

And if it is there to give you preview of what it to come, then why not have all that already unlocked for view? That way it cuts out this confusion.

Im not trying to complain, it just irritates me about how they play with the wording.

they give you a goal of something to work towards.
if everything unlocks at a level and you dont know that level is, how are you going to set goals?
don’t be stubborn and look at it this way.

Too keep you playing :wink:

I dont mind that they show you, what i DONT like is how they tell you that you have something new, but cant have it yet.

why not just say “new item available for view” or something like that? cuz when they say “new item available” it give a false impression that you just unlocked something when you really didnt.

that is all i am really irritated by, the presentation. not that we cant unlock them yet, but the false impression that we did because of the wording/phrasing.