Unlocking Master Chief's Armor

I tried a search, cause I know this must have been answered before, but am not finding any results.

Here’s my (likely a repeated) question:

Do I have to complete legendary on solo to get the armor/visor or can I do it cooperatively online or local?

Thank you.

Solo or cooperatively, it doesn’t matter. Make sure you’re connected to XBL for the campaign missions to sync properly with Halo Waypoint.

You can play Co-op or solo legendary but I think you have to be online as it is a commendation so I recommend staying on Xbox Live when doing it.

Thank you both.

I have the first 4 missions done solo (and got the commendations). I am upto the part on mission five where you have to enter the odd covenant ship through the green beam…but the green beam will not seem to spawn no matter how many times I retry the mission.

Kind of the reason I’m losing patience trying this solo.