Unlocking gameplay elements via xp

Requiring players to get xp before they can select their full loadout is a mistake.

It creates a slanted playing field, an unnecessary timesink, and makes the game into a grindfest.

If i am max level and have all the powers unlocked, and a level 1 new player joins, does he have a fair chance of winning?

Is it fun to have weapons, abilities etc to be blocked from use until you get enough arbitrary XP points so you can BEGIN PLAYING THE GAME as intended?

Leveling systems that act as a gameplay content roadblock make this and other games like it, suck.

The actual gameplay of halo4 is fun mostly.

Leveling is a chore.

Trueskill means the level 1’s will get matched against other level 1’s or people who are horribad at the game

It isn’t fair and is a big reason as to why Call of Duty is a bad game. Halo 4 is very much like Call of Duty, and hate all you like. The only other game with elements similar to Halo 4 is every game in the CoD franchise.

Ordinance? Loadouts? Specialisations? Please.