Unlocking Fotus without Console See Details

No it isnt a glitch and no your not going to be banned for it, at least I do not think you will anyways…

But basically if you played on someones console with Fotus or any other unlocks, you will also have them unlocked.

Or you had someone download them onto your console and they use your console to play, they again will be yours.

Basically it gives it to everyone on the console…

So now I have Fotus and Locus free

Which is nice, but I still feel like I didnt earn them, never the less cool story bro!

Considering you also had access to the LASO emblem (despite no one having it yet), among other random stuff, I can safely assume your friend is a dirty, cheating modder.

So, finally the truth unravels. And for God’s sake stop making these damn threads where you’re secretly bragging about how you got access to stuff; every time I see your username I just think back to that LASO thread and your bs story about how you got it legit which now leads me to honestly hate you with a passion.

I better not see another “Hey I got stuff for free but it was a glitch so it’s fine! Yay me lololololololol” thread, or so help me…

^^^^ True, I’m starting to think he wants to get banned, this is like his third time talking 'bout DLC.

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is there any other way to unlock the fotus armor without the console tho?

drunkencreeper0 - no, the only way to unlock FOTUS without a console is to purchase a code from somewhere like ebay, though that’s something I really wouldn’t recommend doing. It’s so rare now you likely won’t get what you’re looking for. Locking this post down now as it’s over 3 years old, in future please don’t bump really old posts thanks.