Unlocking DLC.

It recently came to my attention that Streetfighter 5 will provide you the option to earn all dlc in-game along side a pay option, for those that does not wish to earn the dlc. Now I know that the Req. System in Halo 5 will act as Halo 5’s “pay option” and dlc will be free and while I love this idea, some people don’t like the idea of micro-transactions in Halo so I propose 343 to add this kind of feature in Halo 6 and the tradition pay option can be brought back for those that wishes not to earn the maps. The Req. System can also return purely as a means of unlocking armor and skins.

Are you saying you want dlc maps unlockable through the game?

The entire point of free DLC maps is to keep the community unified. DLC splits the playerbase, so it it’s free everyone is on the same field. It helps competitively and is great for matchmaking, since you don’t have to worry about DLC playlists just to play a new map because no one has the map in other playlists.

Wait I’m confused, why would you want us to be able to unlock what is already free? And reqs can be earned as well, payments are optional. They’re just like burn cards in Titanfall or the card packs in PvZ.

uhh, REQs can be earned in-game and DLC will be automatically unlocked at release…

Dlc maps packs are givin free, and would imagine the game wouldnt even let you find matches unless you updated
Req packs you can get by just playing games. But since your using them i would imagine that you can use each one only once, so you have to keep unlocking them. Similar to titan falls burn cards from what i gather. So you can either pay to get packs straight up on the spot or play and unlock them as you play.
So you can do both, as i think thats what your suggesting OP

Like how 343 has managed the DLC and microtransactions, do it like stf5 is a bad idea