Unlocking Armor Glitched?

So I saw the article that you can unlock 4 armors through certain requirements. (3 achievements and one through 5 episodes.) I acquired the Nightfall Helmet and Armor through watching all 5 episodes, I then went to Spartan appearance to change it and I did. But when going back to the Collection (where all your unlocked Armors show up) The Nightfall Armor says it’s locked. I then looked for the requirements for the MARK VI [GEN I] SCARRED, which was to obtain the Cario Station Achievement on Halo 2 MCC. I did that, got the achievement, but I never unlocked the armor. I don’t know if this is a glitch (given the fact the game is new.) Also, nothing stated that it had to be done before the release of Beta or when the game fully release. If anyone has any solutions, let me know or need more information. Thank you for your time.