Unlocking 343 Weapon Skins.

So when the Hammer Storm Update became live I noticed that the 343 Weapon skins and Emblems are Now unlock-able. While The skins are Mythic Legendary’s and the emblem is a ultra rare I’m just confused on how to get them since I have everything unlocked besides commendations. Anyone know how to get these let me know.

I noticed them there too. I’m expecting them to be tied to max level but that’s just a guess.

I’ve also been wondering how you can unlock these - the fact they’ve made them visible makes me think they will be unlockable somehow in the near future - heres hoping!

  • They currently are unlockable. I have finished gold.

343 skins were never meant to be publicly available, they were always intended to be for 343 employees only. When the HCS pack came out they were added to the pool and around 50 people managed to get them - 343 let these players keep them. Seems like the same thing happened again and they’ve been added to the pool. I don’t imagine they’ll stay unlockable for long