Unlocked Halo Waypoint Item - Help

Hi, lastnight while playing reach i went to the menu and chose Halo Waypoint, i started Halo Waypoint and then it said that i unlocked/or can download an item “UNSC Flag??” I cant remember what it said exactly. So because i was in the game i had to exit it to continue the download. Once i exited it said it downloaded successfully but my question is, What is it? and How do i use it, whether its a piece of clothing or an in-game armor item? I checked for almost a 1/2 hour where this thing could be and its no where to be found.


No idea what this is, last time I looked at awards in waypoint I had 15/15 with nothing being a flag. Just hit the Xbox Guide gutton, go left one screen, go to awards, then waypoint or Reach, and see what awards you have unlocked, that will point you in the right direction.

I know i did that, but i’ll check again… Thanks!