unlock masterchief armor

hi everybody! sorry for my english…i have a question… i want to unlock the masterchief armor and for get it i must finish the campaign in legendary, but i can do that offline or i must be online for unlock?!thanks

you can do it offline, as long as you finished the campaign, you’ll get it :slight_smile:

pretty sure it has to be online, thats how i got it.

I’m not sure if you’re “required” to complete it online; however, I can only advise that I have read many players did not receive it after playing all or some of the campaign offline. If I were you I’d play the whole thing connected online to Xbox Live, just to be safe. I completed mine all while online and received it. So just play online as a safety measure.

I can confirm this seems to HAVE to be done online.
I have the xbox live attachments for both legendary and legendary solo. Yet no armor. And the halo waypoint refuses to accept i have done it on legendary.

Make sure you do it online just to be safe. I did the campaign on normal while offline and waypoint still tells me I havent done the campaign so Im pretty sure you wont get it by doing it offline.

i just beat the halo 4 campaign yesterday on legendary on my own and i didn’t get master chiefs Armour is there some reason why can any one explain this to me

I did it solo, but I had internet connected since the armor needs to be unlocked in your multiplayer stats/character thing. Just have an internet connection to be save.

It’s recorded through your commendations, which are only available when connected to Xbox live. So yes, you HAVE to be online to get the armor.

I’ve encountered the same problem. I completed all chapters except the first offline. Though the game knows I’ve done the campaign legendary solo, Waypoint doesn’t. Is there any way to let 343i know that many people face this situation and don’t want to have to repeat levels again? Perhaps the next waypoint patch/update could rectify this by checking with the achievements on the local game/console?

You have to do it online. The armor is tied to the Commendations, and you can’t get Commendations offline.

The armour is tied to the Commendations for beating the campaign on Legendary. As you probably know, Commendations are an online-only feature, meaning that you need to be connected to Xbox Live to have unlock the Mark VI armour.

Do it online, there are issues of missions not counting and the armor not unlocking when you do it offline.


Make sure every level registers a commendation after completion. The commendations are needed to be completed ONLINE.

So it’s a glitch on 343’s side, then. 'cause why would people bother to connect to Live when not required? for example, solo campaign. And not everyone has stable internet connections. The system should still be able to recognize those commendations. But I don’t see a fix from their side any time soon. Guess I’ll just redo the last rally points on lgndry and check it out. I’ll let you know if it works.

You earn a commendation for completing each mission of the campaign on legendary. Once all commendations have been acquired the armour is unlocked.

Commendations cannot be earned offline. Sorry.

Actually, they can be earned offline. it’s just that 343 hasnt implemented it yet. a lame move on their part. but hopefully theyll learn from their mistake soon.

Anyway, i found a workaround. you can just repeat the last rally point of a level on legendary to get the commendations. so, not too much to do again, for those of us who already completed it. still, they better fix this soon.