Unlock armor via commendation

Wouldn’t it be great if; along with specific rank requirement for armor, there were commendation requirements too!

That way in order to have “3rd attachment for __said helmet”, one would have to have a certain commendation completion.
Thus seeing someone with sniper sholders would mean he has met the required headshots.

Or # of _____ (kills,wins,headshost(ff,mp)) to be able unlock specific attachments.

This would hinder many players from getting some armor, so I feel it would best fit for unlocking helmet attachments.
It would make certain permatation more exclusive to experienced players.

PS. I’ve been told this is how COD’s weapon attachments work. I was unaware of this, as I don’t play cod.

So I told her there was nooo waaaay.

The incentives games give these days are rarely incentives for me. Gameplay is what incites me to play a game. And I play different games to get different experiences.

But what I will say is that I like how armour isn’t unlocked via achievements but by experience.

I don’t like the rank based unlocking :confused:

This could actually be great if implemented correctly. If you play CQB, you would unlock CQB variants faster, ect.