Unknown Spartan Company Member

My company (Anti Bully Rangers) currently has an issue with one member being listed as “Unknown.” When clicking on this player’s profile, it defaults to my own, so I can’t remove them from the company that way. I also receive an error when attempting to remove them via the administration page for the company.

Does anyone have any fixes for this glitch? Thanks.

It’s been over a month and this issue is still persisting. I believe this is a case in which the player has deleted their xbox live account or been banned.
Here’s an image of the error I receive when trying to remove them from the company: https://imgur.com/a/lXO1Gf0

Hey Sama -

Apologies for the delay. We’re looking into it. :slight_smile:

As requested by snickerdoodle i’m posting in this thread for help with the same exact problem in my company Slipspace. There’s an unknown member that’s unable to be discharged. Any help is greatly appreciated.