Universal armor colors

I have been grinding all week just to get the ultimate, only to realize it is only for the mark VII armor. universal colors would make it worth actually trying to do this and give us more customization options.

As an edit:
I think that all armor pieces should be interchangeable between each armor core (except the base armor pieces for each core) that way our spartan can really be our own instead of just the same pieces for the same sets. Ive seen it so much, and maybe its just cause its early in the game, but there is very little personalization to each spartan. The interchangeable armor pieces would help with that.


Locking out items between armor cores is just terrible, it exists to sell you the same items multiple times betwe cores

it needs changing ASAP.


Honestly, I was willing to be sold on armor coatings and 343 dropped the ball.

I can’t speak for everyone, but the people I talk to agree that they were willing to give the system a chance until we found out what it was all about.

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When I first saw that there were gonna be armor cores, I thought they were just going to be different bases for armors or have exclusive things for each one. It would be a very good idea to have all the armor cores have the same colors, helmets, etc and just have certain things to each armor.

What I mean by certain things for each core is an exclusive helmet (like the samurai helmet).

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I agree with your post,

I just finished grinding for the Willow Tree pattern. Only to see that it’s only available for the Mark VII Armor. I favor the Mark V a lot more, and when I saw that the coating was only applicable to one armor, I was bummed big time by this. I think armor coatings should be unlocked for all armor types available to the player.

For Example,

Current: Player unlocks Coating for one suit exclusively.

New: Player unlocks Coating for all suits.

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I tried my best and try to warn everyone that these armor cores will be different sets and they won’t be interchangeable. I posted about it and any chance to make a comment anywhere nobody cared and some even liked the idea. Now though everyone can see that it sucks you cant mix and match anything. The gawd dam bots in this game can have anything?mixed armours? But we cant

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I’ve seen this complaint for the game a lot, and I agree with it.

To make a long story short, I think armor coatings should be universal, or at the very least,
let every armor core have the same basic colors to choose from. Paying $8 to be blue ONLY
on the Yoroi core is flat out ridiculous.

Love the gameplay so far, but the customization limitations honestly put me off from
putting any cash into the game.

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