Units with activated abilities

Making units more enticing to purchase, by giving them abilities that define their characteristics, giving them more life like qualities rather than just models of different sizes, weapons, and variables

Examples, Brutalizer shields: Hunters charge enemy infantry if close enough.
When Banshee’s are near fatal health, they will deliberately crash themselves against enemy units.
Purposefully send ODST drop pods onto enemy vehicles or aircraft to destroy them as the pods land.
Heretic Elites upgrade, allowing them to pick up opposing units weapons when killed
Cannibalistics: Jackal groups cannibalize units that are killed in order to regain health.
Pulverizer shell: Activating this ability makes the scorpion tanks next shot penetrate through the first vehicle hit and exploding behind it, making a cone blast that damages units behind the vehicle hit.
Wraith fire launchers: Increases the accuracy and range of Wraith Tanks, and gives their wraith cannons a 20% chance to launch an unstable blast which melts enemy vehicles into place for a matter of seconds
Adjusted tripods: Allows Locusts to focus fire while moving at any desired location
Wasps: Hornets become Wasps. Wasps fire 3 missiles, 1 each .5 seconds consecutively, and Machine guns are faster firing.
Fuel Cannisters: Fuel rod cannon shots split into 3 smaller versions of themselves, dealing reduced damage but hitting more enemies
Super Combine Armageddon: All covenant weapons are replaced with Combine needle type weapons. Snipers are now Needle rifles, Plasma rifles and pistols are Needlers, and Fuel rod explosions release a volley of needles.
Obliterator beam: After 3 seconds, Locusts beams can pierce through a vehicle and hit another target from behind the first.

Abilities like these that are unique to one another, abilities that bring out more strategy and counter play.
Ideas for any other active abilities?

Some of these suggestions, while interesting and creative, sound like they would create an imbalance or be too powerful (for example, the Obliterator beam).
Just my humble opinion.
I do like the idea as a whole, just would rather see it executed differently.

active abilities is always fun, but i don’t an overload of abilities to have to use for every unit. I’m with only certain units with abilities, magnifies their importance.

cool but no